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Professional Developers Association

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Our Mission
The mission of the Professional Developers Association is to connect developers of all types and experience levels. As a fast growing professional organization, we are constantly looking for opportunities for developers to share their knowledge and experience. Our private Facebook community, membership site and chat channel provide opportunities for interaction and learning. Exclusive Professional Developers Association online events provide access to industry experts. An exclusive library of courses provide unique opportunities for continuing education and for you to improve your development skills.

We are seeking to constantly grow our community and the careers of our members. Whatever type of developer you are-- and whatever your level of experience-- the Professional Developers Association will provide you with what you need to grow. Whether your a professional developer, or just create apps as a hobby, the Professional Developers Association wants to support your passion. Please invite your friends and colleagues to join us!

Course Library
The Professional Developer's Association course library includes a constantly growing list of courses for web, mobile and game developers. These courses include general instructional courses on a range of technologies, libraries and frameworks as well as step-by-step project courses designed to help you learn different aspects of development. Each month one or two new courses will be added to the library.

Free Member Benefits
All Professional Developer Association members enjoy the following benefits:

Gain New Skills Each Day:Join us for our daily live developer training.
Become More Proficient:Dozens of video training courses included.
Meet Other Developers: Join our private Facebook Group
Be On Top of the Industry: You'll receive our weekly newsletter
Be the First To Access New Content: You'll access new skill programs before everyone else.
Show Others You're a Professional Developer: Display You Professional Developer Online Badge

Premium Member Benefits
Premium members of the Professional Developers Association enjoy the following additional benefits:
Course Videos for Live Courses: Download and watch Live Courses Anywhere
Access to Instructor Code: Access and learn from instructor code
Q & A: Contact your instructors for Q & A and help with lab exercises
Lab Exercises: Learn by doing. Work in the environments that actual developers work.
Certification Exams: Prove You Know What you Know to Employers
Certification Transcripts: Your own Certification Transcript Page and linkage to You LinkedIn Account

Every professional needs an association. The Professional Developers Association will help you network, grow and proposer in your field.

Free Versus Premium Benefits


Free Membership

Premium Membership

Watch Daily Live Developer Training via web (Access via iOS, Android, Roku and Apple TV coming soon!) Yes! Yes!
Complete Over Three Dozen Prerecorded Courses on Web and Mobile Development Yes! Yes!
Private Facebook Group: Exclusive group to network with other developers Yes! Yes!
Weekly Newsletter: How to and news content just for Association Members Yes! Yes!
Online Badge and Membership Card: Show you're a member of a professional association. Yes! Yes!
Access to code samples from all courses Sorry, No. Yes!
Access to Instructors for Q & A Sorry, No. Yes!
Access to Downloadable Videos for Live Courses Sorry, No. Yes!
Access to Special Premium Courses, like 10 Apps in 10 Weeks Sorry, No. Yes!
Access to Lab Exercises for practice and Portfolio Building Sorry, No. Yes!
Certification Exams Sorry, No. Yes!
Certification Validation Page and Certifications on Your Linked In Sorry, No. Yes!

Courses Included with Purchase

HTML5 for Beginning Beginners
Start here-- Even if you've never written a line of code before!
Andrew Snyder-Spak
10 Apps in 10 Weeks
Make 10 Mobile Apps and Distribute them to iOS, Android, Kindle and More!
Mark Lassoff
Javascript for Beginners
Learn Javascript and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course.
Mark Lassoff
Mobile App Development with HTML5
Learn to Develop Mobile Applications with HTML5, Javascript and the PhoneGap Library
Mark Lassoff
PHP and MySQL for Beginners
Learn PHP online with MySQL and Start Developing Web Apps like a Pro!
Mark Lassoff
Famo.us Javascript Framework
Create Stunning, Powerful, User Interfaces That Work on Any Size Screen
Reece Siksay
Creating a PHP Login Script
Create Membership Based Communities, Discussion Boards, eCommerce Sites and more after Learning User
Alex Bowers
HTML and CSS for Beginners
Learn HTML and CSS from Mark Lassoff - no experience required. Certification Available.
Mark Lassoff
Joomla for Beginners
Managing Your Web Presence with Joomla Made Easy!
Janice Gentles-Jones
Design for Coders
Improve the look and effectiveness of your websites and mobile apps by learning the rules of design
Joseph Caserto
C++ for Beginners
Create Code That Screams with C++! Hours of Video Lecture, Lab Exercises and Dozens of Code Samples for You To Use!
Dave Pither-Patterson
Ruby on Rails for Beginners
Learn To Integrate Front End and Back End Development with the Ruby Programming Language and Rails Framework
Daniel Lefebvre
.Net for Beginners
Learn the Foundations of Enterprise Development for Windows
Bruce Landry
GitHub Fundamentals
Learn Versioning and to Manage Your Code with GitHub
Ed Matthews
Game Development with Unity
Create Exciting, Professional Level Games with Unity3D
Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman
Advanced Javascript Development
Go Beyond the Basics with this Dive in to Javascript's Most Important, Advanced Features
Marco Covarrubias
Ajax Development
Create Elegant, Powerful Web and Mobile Applications Using AJAX.
Mark Lassoff
Construct 2 for Beginners
Make Sophisticated Games without Writing Code
Reece Siksay
SQL Database for Beginners
Master SQL Database Creation and Development with Guru Martin Holzke.
Martin Holzke
jQuery for Beginners
jQuery is Javascript made Easy!
Alex Bowers
Codeless Web Development with Adobe Muse
Design Beautiful, Interactive Web Sites without Coding
John Secor
Project Management using Microsoft Project
Learn the Right Skills and the Right Software to Become a Project Manager
Beth Mosolgo-Clark
Front End Development with Adobe Dreamweaver
Create Your First Site in Hours! Learn "No Code Needed" Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver.
Scott Reynolds
Develop Your First App in an Hour
Introduction to Development
Mark Lassoff
Java Programming for Beginners
Learn the Fundamentals of Programming with Java. Start Coding Like The Pros.
Zachary Kingston
Game Development
Create Arcade-Style Video Games with Python. Become a Game Programmer by Learning the Techniques Used by the Pros!
Kevin O'Flaherty
Programming for Absolute Beginners
Start Your Path to Programming Professional
Mark Lassoff
Node.js for Beginners
Create Fast, Scalable Network Applications with Familiar Javascript Code
Zeke Nierenberg
Python for Beginners
Learn Python Programming on the Mac or PC with the Python training course.
Alex Bowers
CSS Development with CSS3
Create Flexible, Interesting, and Usable Designs for Desktop & Mobile Websites.
Zachary Kingston
Java for Beginning Beginners
Java Development-- Even If You've Never Written a Line of Code Before
Andrew Snyder-Spak
Introduction to Web Development
Are you Interested in Learning Web Development? Enroll in this course for a Dynamic Intro!
Mark Lassoff
Mobile Game Development for iOS
Create games for the iPhone and iPad
Connor Denman
Game Development Fundamentals with Python
Learn game programming skills with this course using the Python programming language.
Alex Bowers
Introduction to Programming
Mark Lassoff
HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap
Learn to create iPhone & Android mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and the PhoneGap Library.
Mark Lassoff
Android Development for Beginners
Start coding Android apps today with Mark Lassoff's complete Android Development Course!
Mark Lassoff
Javascript Crash Course
Get started with Javascript Development in Just a Few Hours.
Mark Lassoff
Bootstrap Responsive Design
Mark Lassoff

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Professional Developers Association?
The Professional Developers Association is a new professional organization for web, mobile and game developers. Beginners through experienced developers will benefit from membership and the exchange with other professional members.
How long is my membership good for?
Memberships are monthly or yearly depending on which option you choose. You may quit your membership at any time, however, membership dues are not refundable.
How long may I access the courses included with my membership?
You may access the courses for as long as you are a member of the Professional Developers Association.
What's included in my membership?
Your membership includes access to our course library, entrance to exclusive live events, access to our private Facebook group and Slack channel, our weekly newsletter and online badge and membership card. There are numerous opportunities to network with and learn from other developers.
I'm not a professional developer yet. Should I join?
Absolutely! This is a great time to benefit from the educational resources and relationships you will have in the association. The association has a number of resources that will help you move down the path to professional developer!

The Professional Developers Association is one of the only associations of it's kind. The access to the course library alone is worth several thousand dollars. This is a unique chance to join an association that will not just provide you with training-- but help you grow your career. With industry expert content, and multiple ways to connect with other members online, you're going to value your membership and all the benefits!

Get started now!